Springer will publish the Proceedings of the Workshop as a "Lecture Note in Statistics-Proceedings". The papers (about 10 or 15 pages) must be written in LaTeX using the templates downloadable below and must be submitted electronically to Miguel  González  before May 31, 2015.

Styles and Templates: styles_templates.zip


Abstracts                   Book of Abstracts-- B5 Format (ISO 216 size)


- Romain Abraham, Local limits of conditioned Galton-Watson trees
- Valeriy Afanasyev, On subcritical branching processes in random environment
- Gerold Alsmeyer, Branching within branching: a general model for host parasite evolution
- Dimitar Atanasov, Point estimation in multivariate power series offspring distiributions
- Krishna B. Athreya, Coalescence in branching processes
- Frank Ball, Inference for emerging epidemics among a community of households
- Carlos A. Braumann, Consequences of an incorrect model specification for population growth in random environments
- Thomas Bruss, Envelopment in resource dependent branching processes and directives of control
- Jean-François Delmas, On the genealogical tree of a stationary (quadratic) branching process
- Robert Griffiths,  A multi-type Λ-coalescent with mutation and selection
- Cristina Gutiérrez,  ABC methodology for two-sex branching model with mutations
- Yueyun Hu, Randomly biased walks on trees
- David Hull, The standard Galton-Watson branching process with a reflecting barrier
- Olivier Hyrien, Classes of equivalence and identiability of age-dependent branching processes
- Márton Ispány, On critical branching processes with immigration in varying environment
- Peter Jagers, Structure dependent branching processes
- Götz Kersting, Evolving beta-coalescents
- Fima Klebaner, Escape from the boundary in Markov population processes
- Kristóf Körmendi, Statistical inference for critical 2-type Galton-Watson processes with immigration
- Zenghu Li, Branching processes and stochastic equations
- Alexey Lindo, A special family of Galton-Watson processes with explosion
- Rodrigo Martínez, Vaccination in epidemic modelling: branching processes versus stochastic epidemic models
- Carmen Minuesa, Robust estimation on controlled branching processes: minimum disparity approach
- Kosto V. Mitov, A branching process with immigration in varying environments
- Manuel Mota, Branching processes as models for biological populations with sexual reproduction

- Gyula Pap, Statistical inference for 2-type doubly symmetric critical irreducible CBI processes
- Uwe Roesler, The weighted branching process
- Maroussia N. Slavtchova-Bojkova, On multi-type decomposable branching processes in continuous time and time to escape extinction
- Valentin Topchii, Two types critical Bellman-Harris processes with long-lived and short-lived particles. Renewal theorems and moments increments
- Plamen Trayanov, Crump-Mode-Jagers branching process: A numerical approach
- Vladimir Vatutin, Some limit theorems for subcritical branching processes in random environment
- Anand N. Vidyashankar, Unified robust empirical likelihood confidence regions for parameters of branching processes with immigration
- Hua-Ming Wang, Intrinsic branching structures within random walks on Z and their applications
- George P. Yanev, Revisiting limit results for controlled branching processes
- Nikolay M. Yanev, Sevastyanov age-dependent branching processes with non-homogeneous Poisson immigration
- Elena Yarovaya, Stochastic particle systems on non-homogeneous spatial lattice structures

The abstracts must be written in LaTeX using the templates downloadable below and must be submitted electronically to branching@unex.es before January 19, 2015. New deadline, February 7, 2015.

The deadline for sending abstract for contributed talks and poster is March, 2.

To submit your abstract please use the following template for LaTeX and submit it (in .tex and .pdf files) with the subject "Abstract Workshop on Branching".