Springer will publish the Proceedings of the Workshop, either as a "Lecture Note in Statistics" or in the "Contributions to Statistics" series. The papers (about 10 or 15 pages) must be written in LaTeX using the templates downloadable below and must be submitted electronically to Miguel  González  before May 31, 2009.

Styles and Templates: styles_templates.zip


Abstracts                   Book of Abstracts-- B5 Format (ISO 216 size)

- Gerold Alsmeyer, On the transience of critical branching random walks on the line
- Frank Ball,  Applications of branching processes to a network epidemic model with casual contacts 
- Manuel Bichsel, Branching process model of the early phase of a bacterial insertion sequence invasion
- John Biggins, Random self-similar measures: “Multifractal spectra”
- Carlos Braumann, Stochastic differential equation models of population and individual growth in a random environment
- Dominik Heinzmann, Approximating extinction times in multitype Markov branching processes
- David Hull,  Elementary proofs for certain extinction in bisexual Galton-Watson branching processes
- Marton  Ispany, Limit theorem for critical inhomogeneous branching processes with immigration
- Christine Jacob, A branching process approach for the propagation of the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in Great-Britain
- Peter Jagers, The last minutes before extinction
- Marek Kimmel, Modeling the evolution of Alu repeats in human genome
- Fima Klebaner, Population-dependent branching processes
- Shixia Ma, Bisexual Galton-Watson branching processes with population-size-dependent immigration of females and males
- Rodrigo Martínez, On Y-linked branching models
- Penka Mayster, Criticality for alternating branching processes
- Manuel Molina, Two-sex branching process literature
- Manuel Mota, A note on Controlled Branching Processes in Varying Environment
- Kosto Mitov, Limit theorems for randomly indexed branching processes
- Gyula Pap, Statistical inference of critical multitype branching processes with immigration
- Inés del Puerto, Weighted Conditional Least Squares Estimation in Controlled Branching Processes
- Sophie Penisson, Limit theorems for conditioned multitype branching processes and Feller diffusions. Application to the BSE epidemic
- Ibrahim Rahimov, Approximation of a sum of martingale-differences generated by a bootstrap branching process
- Uwe Roesler, Stochastic fixed point equations
- Maria Conceição Serra, Multitype Bienaymé-Galton-Watson processes escaping extinction

- Maroussia Slavtchova-Bojkova, Stochastic modelling of vaccine preventable diseases by age-dependent branching processes
- Valentin Topchii , Fixation time estimates in bounded populations
Vladimir Vatutin, Sudden death versus slow extinction of branching processes in random environment
- George Yanev, Complete N-ary Subtrees on Branching Family Tree
- Nickolay Yanev, Branching processes in cell proliferation kinetics
- Yongsheng
Xing, Bisexual branching process depending on the number of couples and environment process

The abstracts must be written in LaTeX using the templates downloadable below and must be submitted electronically to Miguel  González  before December 31, 2008.

To submit your abstract please use the following template for LaTeX and submit it (in .tex and .pdf files) with the subject "Abstract Workshop on Branching".