- Gerold Alsmeyer, A host-parasite model for a two-type cell population  
- Frank Ball, Epidemics on random networks with household structure 
- Cristina  Gutierrez,
- Christine Jacob, Limit models for a general class of branching processes with memory and population dependence in large populations
Inés del Puerto, Bayesian inference for controlled branching processes through MCMC and ABC methodologies
- Alfonso Ramos, The class of two-sex branching models with random control on the number of progenitor couples  
- Serik Sagitov, Linear-fractional branching processes with countably many types

- María Conceição Serra, Skeletons of near-critical branching processes with nearly neutral mutations

- Maroussia Slavtchova-Bojkova, Time to extinction in branching processes and its application in population dynamics and epidemiological modeling
Nickolay Yanev,  Age-dependent Branching Processes with Non-homogeneous Poisson Immigration as Models in Cell Proliferation Kinetics
- Elena Yarovaya, Phase Transitions for Branching Random Walks with Various Space Dynamics

The abstracts must be written in LaTeX using the templates downloadable below and must be submitted electronically to Inés María del Puerto   before March 26, 2012.

To submit your abstract please use the following template for LaTeX and submit it (in .tex and .pdf files) with the subject "Abstract Workshop on Branching".