The workshop will be held in Badajoz. It is located in Extremadura, in the southwest of Spain, near the portuguese border, 220 km from Lisbom, 400 km from Madrid and 215 km from Sevilla. The airport is placed 20 minutes by car from the city center (see here). An alternative way to get Badajoz is by bus from Madrid and Lisbom (see here) and from Sevilla (see here).

The historical-artistic heritage of Extremadura is enormous and diverse, including the overwhelming presence of the Roman culture (Mérida, declared World Heritage City in 1993, was founded in the year 25 b.C. and it became the capital of the Hispanic Lusitania Province) and the monumental city of Cáceres, declared World Heritage in 1986.

In addition, Extremadura is recognized nowadays in Spain as an ecological region over all, and the inhabitants of Extremadura are aware of the fact that we are conserving probably the widest, interesting and unique group of nature spaces in old Europe.